The Pacifica Foundation was founded in 1949 as a visionary alternative to commercially-driven media. It pioneered listener-sponsored, community radio and has been a beacon for noncommercial, free media.

Pacifica’s mission is to promote peace and justice through communication between all races, nationalities and cultures. It strives to contribute to the democratic process through public discourse and promotion of culture. Unbeholden to commercial or governmental interests, Pacifica recognizes that use of the airwaves is a public trust.

The Pacifica Affiliate network includes WNUC 96.7 FM among approximately 200 independent radio stations, primarily in the United States. Some affiliates are also located in Canada, Europe, and Africa. The network includes community radio stations, Internet stations, low-power stations, and college stations. The network enjoys a culture of mutually beneficial cooperation for the purpose of furthering grassroots community media, collaborating in production, journalism, technology, and management.

Pacifica Radio Archives is considered by historians and scholars to be one of the oldest and most important audio collections in the world. Chronicling the political, cultural and artistic movements of the second half of the 20th century, Pacifica radio programs include documentaries, performances, discussions, debates, drama, poetry readings, commentaries and radio arts.