Build Local Programming

At WNUC, neighborhood volunteers are trained and given a central role in radio production, operation and program development.

Part of an impacted community or grassroots organization?

Email to attend WNUC’s next volunteer orientation, and to get matched up with a production team to help you craft a local show.

Thanks to the unique opportunities provided by community radio, show host commitments can range from once per month to once per day.

Ready to record your demo tape?

Because we want every voice in our community to be heard, WNUC is always on the lookout for new shows.  We are looking for shows that boost the talent and voices of Detroit.  If you have a show idea, something that you believe others need and want to hear, all you need to do is follow these instructions to record a demo:

  •  Initial Announcement (ID & forward-announce music and or topic to be discussed):
  • Announcement Break 1 (back-announce music or topic being discussed; contact info; time; PSA; announcement; weather; ID; forward-announce song):
  • Announcement Break 2 (back-announce music or topic being discussed; show promo; Calendar over instrumental music; announce phone #; music or discussion to full volume.):
  • Announcement Break 3 (back announce music; CBB items; promo; forward-announce music or features of next show, play and fade out)


Your Demo tape should be no more than 10 minutes in length and should include all of the elements listed above. It’s fine to record on your phone, and to use free software like Audacity to edit.

Submit your show to: or you can mail it to

WNUC 96.7 fm 7700 Second Avenue, Suite 500, Detroit, Michigan 48202